IP- Audit & IP Agreements

Our team regularly undertakes intellectual property audits for our clients to enable clients to identify, understand, strategically manage and commercialise their intellectual property better.

An IP audit will involve the identification of all of companies intangible assets such as Patents, licenses, Brands, Trade secrets, designs, manuals, and know-how and will enable a company to identify successful and obsolete technologies

We also advise on many different commercial agreements which involve important intellectual property issues. These agreements include manufacturing, distribution, agency, R&D, collaboration, commissioning and services agreements. Often, commercial agreements involve cross border issues and our team has proven experience in negotiating international agreements with parties located around the world.

We have extensive experience in advising on and drafting a range of legal documents relating to intellectual property. These include:

  • Patent Licensing Agreements
  • Trademark Licensing Agreements
  • Copyright Licensing Agreements
  • Trade Secret Proprietary Agreements
  • Technology Purchase and IP Acquisition Agreements
  • Technology Joint Venture R&D Agreements
  • Co-existence Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Product Distribution Agreements
  • Website and Internet Development Agreements
  • Outside Consultant Agreements
  • Computer Software Development and Ownership Agreements
  • Employee IP Agreements
  • IP Settlement Agreements
  • Manufacturing Agreements

Countries of Representation and IP Information