IP Strategies – Due Diligence & Opinions and Counselling

Our approach to strategic consulting is collaborative from the beginning. While maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue with our clients, we work as a team to provide you with sound counsel that addresses your goals. Deep technical know-how. A comprehensive understanding of the legal system. An appreciation for market intricacies and broad knowledge of consumer segments. And a proven ability to provide business-focused guidance. Taken together, these characteristics define our expertise in the area of opinions and counselling. Working in virtually all industries, markets, and technology sectors, we have vast experience developing robust patent and trademark portfolios with real value and helping our clients minimize or altogether avoid contentious infringement and validity disputes.

The high quality of advice we give in formulating IP strategies is shaped to fit each client’s individual circumstances. We begin by identifying a client’s protectable IP assets and build value to establish a dominant position. We then chart pathways for commercialization of a client’s technology free of IP disputes and create strategies to gain business advantages over the competition.

Clients respect our ability to anticipate complex IP challenges, such as potential interferences, and to be prepared for IP "diligence" in fundraising, partnering, or acquisition.

Strategic counseling on scope and nature of proposed business arrangements, including:

  • Timing of and financial / non-financial terms in deals
  • Adoption of exclusive vs. non-exclusive agreements
  • Brand protection strategies
  • Advice regarding issues specific to the technologies and / or players involved
  • Advice on implications of transactions on related company activities

Countries of Representation and IP Information