Member of PCT

Yes- Started receiving application in February 2015 

Can Convention priority be claimed


Novelty requirement

Yes, worldwide novelty

Patent search


Does the invention specification have to be translated for filing

Yes, a translation into ARABIC is required

Required Documents

1. Power of attorney, legalized.
2. 1 copy of the specifications in English with 3 copies of the Arabic translation.
3. 3 sets of drawings in Arabic and 1 in English.
4. Deed of assignment from the inventor(s), legalized.
5. Copy of priority document, if priority is claimed, certified.

The copy of the Priority document in WIPO is sufficient for filing PCT application in Saudi Arabia.

Items 2 and 3 must be submitted at the time of filing. Document 1, 4, and 5 may be submitted within 3 months from filing date.


20 years from application date


A maintenance fee is due annually on patents and is payable the first 3 months of each calendar year following the year the patent application was filed. There is a 3-month grace period for late payment with a surcharge.

Time Frame

Average time taken till final registration: Up to 2 years.

Countries of Representation and IP Information