Member of PCT


Can priority be claimed


Novelty requirement

Absolute novelty is required

Patent search

It is possible for granted and published patents in the Official Gazette to be searched by their corresponding patent number, title, and patentee name. 

Does the invention specification have to be translated for filing

Persian translation is necessary

Required Documents
  1. The full details of applicant i.e. full name, address, nationality, field of activity, incorporation number of the applicant's company in the home country, occupation, principal location etc.
  2. The title of the invention and classification.
  3. Certified copy of priority documents or abroad registration.
  4. Certified and legalized copy of the deed of assignment. An assignment form is only necessary if the priority document is in the name of the inventor and the applicant is different from the inventor. However, if the inventor is not mentioned in the priority document and the priority document is in the name of the applicant, there is no need for an assignment form.
  5. A set of description, specifications, claims and drawings in English.
  6. Power of attorney signed by applicant, certified and legalized by the Iranian Consulate in the home country.

20 years starting from the filing date. 


Annuities are paid within the first three months of each year. A grace period of three months is granted for late payment of the annuities subject to payment of the prescribed fine.

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