Member of PCT


Can priority be claimed

Yes –within 12 months for the first international publication, or within 12 months as of the date of the first filing in order to claim priority, which must be in accordance with the application filed in the home country.

Novelty requirement


Patent search

Possible- It is possible for granted patents published in the Official Gazette to be searched by the title and patentee name

Does the invention specification have to be translated for filing

Yes, a translation into ARABIC is required

Required Documents
  1. A Power of Attorney, as per the attached form, duly legalized up to the Jordan Consul. 
  2. An extract from the commercial register of the applicant or a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or of any equivalent document, if the applicant is a company, duly certified. 
  3. A certified copy of the home application, whether priority is claimed or not. 
  4. Specification, claims and abstract of the invention.
  5. Drawings.
  6. Patent application form No. 4 sworn and signed by the inventor(s) as applicant(s) or jointly with applicant(s), legalized.

The documents in  4, and 5 must be submitted along with the application and it’s Arabic Transaction and other remaining documents must be submitted within 60 days. 


20 years starting from the filing date. 


Due annually (Graze period of 6 months after the due date without a late payment fee)

Countries of Representation and IP Information