Member of PCT


Can priority be claimed


Novelty requirement

Absolute novelty is required

Patent equivalent search

Not Available

Does the invention specification have to be translated for filing

Yes, a translation into Arabic or English is required

Required Documents
  1. Power of attorney, legalized.
  2. Extract from the commercial register or certificate of incorporation, legalized, with sworn Arabic translation.
  3. Copy of PCT Request.
  4. Copy of International Publication.
  5. Copy of International Search Report.
  6. Copy of International Preliminary Examination Report (if available) 

All documents need to be translated into Arabic.


15 years starting from the filing date. 

Patent Working/Compulsory License

A patent has to be worked; within 3 years from grant date. The patent may be subject to compulsory licensing according to the provisions in the law


Annuities should be paid until the protection period expires.

Countries of Representation and IP Information