Member of PCT


Can priority be claimed


Novelty requirement

Absolute novelty is required

Patent search

It is possible for pending and granted patents to be searched by title and patentee name

Does the invention specification have to be translated for filing

Yes, a translation into English and Arabic is required

Required Documents
  1. Power of attorney, legalized.
  2. Extract from the commercial register, legalized. 
  3. Deed of assignment from the inventor(s), legalized.
  4. Abstract of the invention in English and Arabic.
  5. Technical specifications of the invention in English and Arabic.
  6. Copy of priority document, if priority is claimed, certified

Documents 1 to 6 may be submitted within 60 days from filing date. 


20 years starting from the filing date. 


A maintenance fee is due annually on the anniversary of the filing date.  (One month graze period) 

Countries of Representation and IP Information